November 17, 2013

Team Building Event with The Columbus Jewish Federation - Young Adult Advisory Board

The Young Adult Division of the Columbus Jewish Federation has several committees that serve the community (social, spiritual, outreach, etc). This event was the first meeting of the new Advisory Board, which brought the Chair from each committee. We ate dinner and played games and team building activities that helped them rethink their leadership style - with some laughs along the way.

October 29, 2013

Presentation at Ohio's Annual Statewide Education Conference 2013

We had an awesome opportunity to lead breakout sessions at Ohio's Annual Statewide Education Conference.

The session focused on Experiential Learning and how it can be used for Professional Development. (Link to presentation coming soon)

October 11, 2013

Team Offsite with the Nationwide User Experience team

The User Experience team met at a local park for their team off-site meeting and some team building. 

A wide variety of backyard games were provided by The Eureka Games. The goal for this part of the day was to relax and have fun with coworkers. Games included: Ladder Ball, Corn Hole, Bocce Ball, Kickball, Group Juggle, Lycra Tube, Giant Jenga.

September 29, 2013

Faith Building Event with Mentor Church - 2013 Youth Rally

Each year the Mentor Church of Christ hosts a Youth Rally to encourage and challenge middle and high school students to live out their beliefs as the new school year moves into high gear.

High School students

September 16, 2013

Team Building Event with New Directions Young Professionals

The New Directions Young Professionals dedicated part of their annual strategy meeting to improving their communication and collaboration skills. 

This team was already high-functioning and in just one hour they were able to identify a few roadblocks that everyone agreed would make 2014 much more productive.

We played on Columbus Commons open green space on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

August 14, 2013

Team Building Event with Manta: Digital Scavenger Hunt

Manta held their annual sales meeting in Columbus this year. The managers wanted to include a team-building activity to help their team members have fun and connect.

MobileXpeditions designed an amazing experience that allows team members to compete in a digital scavenger hunt known as fōnhunt using their smart phone's browser or texting on a regular phone. 

MobileXpeditions invited The Eureka Games to facilitate an energizer and debrief discussion. The scavenger hunt ended with a happy hour and simple debrief discussion. 

The group had a great time and laughed as they shared their stories.

June 28, 2013

Team Building Event with Grant Family Medicine Residency

A total of 24 first- and second-year medical Residents from Grant Family Medicine Residency played Eureka Games to improve communication and discuss conflict management skills.

June 05, 2013

Faith Building Event with The Vineyard – Joshua House – Loud & Clear small group bible study

I was introduced to an amazing group of 20-somethings that stem from the Joshua House at Vineyard Columbus. Loud & Clear meets once a week to discuss lessons from the Bible and how they can live those lessons out in their everyday lives. They were gracious enough to let me visit and eat brownies (thanks Paul) and lead the Eureka Games. 

After a name game we experimented with leadership and followership.

May 22, 2013

Team Building Event with Cleverley & Associates

We had a terrific visit to Cleverley & Associates. After the monthly associate lunch we jumped into some fun games, while some folks had chips and salsa in hand.

Then we broke into two groups and then compared insights and experiences.

April 27, 2013

Team Building Event with the Ohio Young Professionals Weekend 2013 Conference

We had a great time playing The Eureka Games on the Columbus Commons. The weather was beautiful and I came away with a bunch of new friends (and a sunburn).

February 28, 2013

Team Building Demonstration with Shawn Ireland and Lisa Colbert on Good Day Columbus

Did you see me on Fox28 Good Day Columbus?

I had a blast playing in the Spider Web with Shawn and Lisa, this morning.

Take a look around and visit our facebook page for more photos and fun.

Eureka Games works with a wide variety of groups (e.g., Middle to High School, Sports Teams, Businesses, Executives, Non-profit and Faith-based organizations) to help them rethink the way they think. 

I would love to work with your group. Does your group need to rethink the way they think?
Learn how to play The Eureka Games.

- Thank you, Julia (the segment producer) for helping me plan the line up.
- Thank you Shawn Ireland and Lisa Colbert for playing, you were great.
- Thanks to everyone that watched.

Update: The video is no longer on the Fox28 website. When I get a copy, it will be uploaded here.

February 01, 2013

Scion Motivate contest

A few months ago, I saw a Scion commercial on television that introduced a new contest for people who have already started turning their passion into their profession.

The contest application required five short essays and a video submission. Here is the video I created for Eureka Games.

Thanks to everyone that helped out!

January 14, 2013

Team Building Event at the Dublin Teen Institute 2013 Retreat

The 2013 Dublin Teen Institute Retreat was this past week and I led a Eureka Game with two groups.

The topic, Dream Big. A big shout out of thanks goes to the awesome people that attended my workshop. We spent some time talking about what kinds of things can prevent you from reaching your dream. It was a pretty hefty list. Then...

January 11, 2013

Team Building Event with Susan E Thomas, CPA ltd.

The Panera lunch rush gawked at me as I carried in the supplies for our Eureka Games into the community room. Despite me looking like a pack mule, the brightly colored foam noodles clashed with Panera's earthy color palette.

We had a lot of fun and several great debrief discussions.

Team Building Event with Columbus Downtown High School Students

I was blessed by the power of weak ties once again.

This past November I participated in the Governor's Road to Readiness program, which paired up high school students and IT professionals for a few hours of shadowing.

Several bright students from Columbus Downtown High School visited Nationwide Insurance, which is my day job. During the group luncheon the students swapped stories and I met the student advisor.

A few weeks later...