February 28, 2013

Team Building Demonstration with Shawn Ireland and Lisa Colbert on Good Day Columbus

Did you see me on Fox28 Good Day Columbus?

I had a blast playing in the Spider Web with Shawn and Lisa, this morning.

Take a look around and visit our facebook page for more photos and fun.

Eureka Games works with a wide variety of groups (e.g., Middle to High School, Sports Teams, Businesses, Executives, Non-profit and Faith-based organizations) to help them rethink the way they think. 

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- Thank you, Julia (the segment producer) for helping me plan the line up.
- Thank you Shawn Ireland and Lisa Colbert for playing, you were great.
- Thanks to everyone that watched.

Update: The video is no longer on the Fox28 website. When I get a copy, it will be uploaded here.