January 14, 2013

Team Building Event at the Dublin Teen Institute 2013 Retreat

The 2013 Dublin Teen Institute Retreat was this past week and I led a Eureka Game with two groups.

The topic, Dream Big. A big shout out of thanks goes to the awesome people that attended my workshop. We spent some time talking about what kinds of things can prevent you from reaching your dream. It was a pretty hefty list. Then...

January 11, 2013

Team Building Event with Susan E Thomas, CPA ltd.

The Panera lunch rush gawked at me as I carried in the supplies for our Eureka Games into the community room. Despite me looking like a pack mule, the brightly colored foam noodles clashed with Panera's earthy color palette.

We had a lot of fun and several great debrief discussions.

Team Building Event with Columbus Downtown High School Students

I was blessed by the power of weak ties once again.

This past November I participated in the Governor's Road to Readiness program, which paired up high school students and IT professionals for a few hours of shadowing.

Several bright students from Columbus Downtown High School visited Nationwide Insurance, which is my day job. During the group luncheon the students swapped stories and I met the student advisor.

A few weeks later...