What is it?

You may be asking yourself, "What is it?"

The Eureka Games are out-of-your-seat activities and adventures that challenge you
to RETHINK the way you think by facilitating what we call "playful problem-solving." 

We facilitate:
  • Events for Team Building, Team Engagement, Team Effectiveness
  • Creative Ice Breakers and Energizers
  • Pair and Share discussions
  • Brainstorm and Strategy sessions

Eureka Games will challenge your group by facilitating experiences that yield teachable moments for the most common gripes and goals that groups face today, all while having fun. Here are some of the most popular topics:
  • Leadership & Followership
  • Communication Quirks: Verbal, Non-verbal, and Digital 
  • The 4 C's: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking
  • Team Engagement: Serious fun at work
  • Unity and Diversity
  • Entitlement and Empowerment
  • Life is not fair: Justice, Mercy, and Grace
  • Gossips, Gripes, and Goodies
  • Taking Initiative, Giving Feedback & Having Patience
You may be asking yourself, "So, What?"