December 01, 2012

Team Building Event with STAND UP: Leadership Team • Delaware County

Through a connection with a close friend, I met the event planners for Stand Up.

Stand Up is a annual event hosted through a combined effort of several organizations and by the effort of countless volunteers. Eureka Games was asked to energize the students after lunch with a team building activity for thirty people.

The students made the games their own and had a lot of fun. We ended the session with a group debrief. The student advisor was so amazed how during the debrief discussion, the students offered up so many comments and insights that it was easy to label this session a success.

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November 30, 2012

Team Building Event with Nationwide Insurance - Web Usability Team

The Nationwide Web Usability Team had an offsite meeting at Sparkspace, and they got caught in a Spider Web.

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November 16, 2012

Team Building Event with International Friends

A good friend of mine was hosting the Thanksgiving dinner feast for the Ohio State chapter of International Friends, inc.

When I explained my new found passion and how I was looking for opportunities to practice, he invited me and my family to join and bring a Eureka Game, too.

That was my first time building the web for anyone outside of my basement. Setup and teardown time proved to be a little longer, and bulkier than anticipated. 

Overall the Spider Web was a hit. Shout out goes to Richard and his family for letting me rearrange your living and room - you rock.

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October 27, 2012

Faith Building Event with Mountview Church - Youth Lock-in

The middle and high school students group had an all night lock in. I saw an opportunity to practice and so I volunteered for ice breakers and other games at the wee hours in the morning.

Wrist ropes is a interesting activity, but does not work well as an energizer. As for a Group Sit, it is somewhat invigorating, but the high-touch requirement does not bode well with the middle and high school students desired image of coolness. Chalk it up to experience.

Most of the Eureka Games require some level of thinking and strategy. When it was time to break out the gear, most of the students had already spent their reserves energy on broom hockey and dodge ball. 

I wrangled a some friends into a round of a Group Juggle and Rope Polygon, but it fizzled out when I blindfolded someone for letting go of the rope. This was a experiential learning event for me, chalk it up to experience, again.

One thing I learned is that you have to match the energy and mind set of your group. I was not ready. I'm glad my audience was (and still is) small.

Rope Polygon is tough enough, but try it at 4:30am and it adds a whole new degree of "Argggh."

Shout out to all the folks who played Eureka Games with me.

October 16, 2012

Faith Building Event with Mountview Church - Cleverley Group

Mountview Church has been an amazing place to grow my faith. This past week I was asked to fill in as the teacher for our home study group, I brought Eureka Games.

The metaphor of sheep and a shepherd are used throughout the Bible to describe the role of the Christian disciple. Other scriptures instruct Christians to live their life as an example to all. The obligation to fulfill both roles can be difficult.

To illustrate the lesson, the group played Blind Polygon. Half the group members were dubbed coaches. The other half of group members were dubbed players, and were muted or blindfolded. The coaches (at the left), had a hard time accepting that the furniture was not part of the challenge.

After the game, we discussed their roles of a leader and a follower and how both sides carried benefits and burdens. The parallel to the life of a Christian was brought to the forefront and we discussed the how following Christ and leading others holds similar dynamics.

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September 29, 2012

Faith Building Event with Mentor Church - 2012 Youth Rally

Each year the Mentor Church of Christ hosts a Youth Rally to encourage and challenge middle and high school students to live out their beliefs as the new school year moves into high gear.

This year over forty teenagers showed up for the weekend event. I have been part of the activities for a long time, and with my new found passion, I was super excited to break out the Eureka Games.

July 28, 2012

Team Building Event with Columbus Young Professionals Club

The CYP Club hosted its first high ropes event in partnership with The Eureka Games.
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Summit / Giant Swing: On the Summit course your exit involves stepping off a 40' high platform while attached to the Giant Swing.
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Kilimanjaro / Zip-line: On the Kilimanjaro course you launch from the top deck and race along dual Zip-lines.

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Our picnic was sponsored by Pepsi Next
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