October 16, 2012

Faith Building Event with Mountview Church - Cleverley Group

Mountview Church has been an amazing place to grow my faith. This past week I was asked to fill in as the teacher for our home study group, I brought Eureka Games.

The metaphor of sheep and a shepherd are used throughout the Bible to describe the role of the Christian disciple. Other scriptures instruct Christians to live their life as an example to all. The obligation to fulfill both roles can be difficult.

To illustrate the lesson, the group played Blind Polygon. Half the group members were dubbed coaches. The other half of group members were dubbed players, and were muted or blindfolded. The coaches (at the left), had a hard time accepting that the furniture was not part of the challenge.

After the game, we discussed their roles of a leader and a follower and how both sides carried benefits and burdens. The parallel to the life of a Christian was brought to the forefront and we discussed the how following Christ and leading others holds similar dynamics.

(Photo of the game, after the jump)
Shout out of thanks to everyone that played that night - you rock.

Cicie, Kim, Michelle, Lindsay, Melissa,
Sarah, Dan, Paul, Kristine, Rob