January 11, 2013

Team Building Event with Columbus Downtown High School Students

I was blessed by the power of weak ties once again.

This past November I participated in the Governor's Road to Readiness program, which paired up high school students and IT professionals for a few hours of shadowing.

Several bright students from Columbus Downtown High School visited Nationwide Insurance, which is my day job. During the group luncheon the students swapped stories and I met the student advisor.

A few weeks later...
I followed-up with the Student Advisor and told him about Eureka Games and how I knew it would make a difference in the student's lives. He agreed to let me come visit, and gave me an entire two hour block and even offered bonus points for involvement. I am very blessed.

That was the first morning I ever woke up for school before the alarm clock even rang.
Here are some highlights.

Muted line-up by height

Straws & Buckets

Faith, Peace, Knowledge, Kindness, Joy, Goodness,
Justice, Gentleness, Forgiveness, Patience

Empathy, Self-control, Trust, Integrity, Wisdom,
Mercy, Temperance, Discernment, Courage, Love

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