January 14, 2013

Team Building Event at the Dublin Teen Institute 2013 Retreat

The 2013 Dublin Teen Institute Retreat was this past week and I led a Eureka Game with two groups.

The topic, Dream Big. A big shout out of thanks goes to the awesome people that attended my workshop. We spent some time talking about what kinds of things can prevent you from reaching your dream. It was a pretty hefty list. Then...

It was game time.

The game, Key Punch. Round one was A-to-Z.

Then, after a quick story about my Scandinavian friend (what was his name?), the group went in for round two, which was Z-to-A and they did it even faster than round one.

There are so many obstacles that already exist between you and your dream. So, don't let your own thoughts become a limitation to what is really possible.

What are the un-challenged obstacles that are prevent you from dreaming big?

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