June 05, 2013

Faith Building Event with The Vineyard – Joshua House – Loud & Clear small group bible study

I was introduced to an amazing group of 20-somethings that stem from the Joshua House at Vineyard Columbus. Loud & Clear meets once a week to discuss lessons from the Bible and how they can live those lessons out in their everyday lives. They were gracious enough to let me visit and eat brownies (thanks Paul) and lead the Eureka Games. 

After a name game we experimented with leadership and followership.

As it turns out listening is a crucial characteristic of leading and following.

The group then worked together like one body to complete a simple, yet tricky objective. 

We closed the night with a discussion about how important it is to be a servant-leader, as well as someone who sets an example when it comes to following. 

Play the take-home version:
One of the great things about being a child of God is that he uses us to influence and impact one another. We all help each other grow. 
  • How can you work to build Leadership/Followership in others?
  • How could you be a person who helps others lead/follow?