June 27, 2014

Team Building Event with Grant Family Medicine Residency

A total of 20 first- and second-year medical residents from Ohio Health's Grant Family Medicine Residency played Eureka Games to improve communication and build rapport.

We met in Frasch Hall on the campus of Franklin University.

To get loose and ready for games we did some Air Writing. 


Then we lined up by birthday, but with no speaking

Birthday buddies
Group Juggle


Tall Towers: The group was split into two teams of 10. Then, each team was moved to an East office and a West office. Teams were challenged to build identical towers in thirty minutes while only communicating via walkie-talkies. 














When thirty minutes passed we brought all four towers into the same room and had a debrief discussion. One of the key insights was that if we were to do this again, assigning the task of "role assigner" to one person could then alleviate stress and confusion so then everyone would know what was expected of them. 


If you think your team won, please raise your hand!

A big shout out to all the players, you are an excellent group!