May 30, 2019

Team Building with Leadership Team from United Way of Central Ohio

The leadership team from United Way of Central Ohio invited the Eureka Games to play at their off-site retreat at St. Stephen's Community House

We had a blast and several aha moments during our time together. 

We started off with "This or that?"

Pet-ville: Dogs or Cats? 

Ice cream-atropolis: Vanilla or chocolate?

Animal personality types:3 Lions, 4 Otters, 1 Golden Retrievers, and 0 Beavers

Starburst Strings, Round 1

Starburst Strings, Round 2: Close your dominant eye

Perspective much? 

Starburst Strings, Round 3: Rotate 180 degrees

Rotate me or the group? 

Starburst Strings, Round 4: Switch stands with two groups

Starburst Strings, Round 5: One speaker split between two groups

United Way of Central Ohio’s Community Impact Fund supports a network of more than 80 local nonprofit partners that provide opportunities in these four critical areas: basic needs, good jobs, strong neighborhoods, student success.

Support their efforts by visiting